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What Makes A Better Writer – Deliberate Practice or Writing for a Purpose

 image by National Media Museum   As a part of the Kaizen Reading Challenge, I read Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones. The book sucked me in. Goldberg’s voice, her passion for writing, combined with practical exercises makes this one gem of a book. It also inspired me to read another popular writing book, Bird […]

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Are Money and Comfort Necessary for the Writing Process?

An Essay based on A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf  I first met Virginia Woolf at Mrs Dalloway’s party. She was a stranger – an aloof, sharp, beautiful woman with whom I didn’t feel an immediate connection. Relationships with books and authors are the same as relationships with people. With some, it’s an instant connection, recognition of […]

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Does the Kindle Spell the End For Books In Print?

    I can touch my favourite books with eyes closed, and recognize them. I know the texture of their covers. The size and feel of them. I look at hundreds of books scattered around my house, and I have no need for ornamental decorations. But, when I decided to volunteer in Ecuador for three […]

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