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My Commonplace Book and Why Everyone Should Keep One

 image by brbl   Make your own Bible. Select and Collect all those words and sentences that in all your reading have been to you like the blast of trumpet out of Shakespeare, Seneca, Moses, John and Paul. – Emerson Journals July 1836   In the last article, I talked about the commonplace book, what it is and where […]

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A Commonplace Book

image by bluefootedbooby   I hadn’t given much thought to the commonplace book until recently. I’d heard the term in passing before, usually in books, but never really stopped to consider it. However, earlier this month I was talking to a professor at my former college, who upon learning about my journaling pursuits mentioned that […]

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The Inadequacy of Not Having Read Enough

image by Dolly Garland   This is actually a problem more common for voracious readers rather than those who barely read. Those who barely read either don’t care, or consider reading a book a year a height of achievement. I envy them that illusion. For those of us who do love reading, however, are painfully […]

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How Reading Influences Positivity

image by kongevold   It dawned on me that any period of reduced reading (there is no such thing as “no reading” period in my life) is also a period of reduced positivity. I’m a pretty optimistic person. I generally prefer to get any wallowing or self-pity out of the way, because I hate being […]

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Ask the Readers: What is Your Favourite Childhood Book?

Childhood favourites are important. The surprise when you discover a story that hits all the right spot, the new experience, the sheer joy of it is exhilarating. It’s a powerful experience to be transported somewhere different, and to discover  that words, mere words in black and white, can have this much impact.  My special childhood […]

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The Art of War: Why is Common Sense so Special?

image by kainet   This little book, The Art of War, has been celebrated for centuries as the military manual. That I can understand. But business gurus, writers, and no doubt other industries have also taken it up and wrote their own version of war for their industry. It’s a great book. However, it’s full […]

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I Don’t Have Time To Read (Yes You Really Do!)

  image by practicalowl   “I don’t have time to read” is the number one excuse I hear from people who don’t read. It’s usually followed by some further justification or a second string of excuses. It may be things like below, and in parenthesis I include what I’m thinking when I hear them.  I […]

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