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Is Literature Necessary?

┬áimage by auntiep I was changed by literature, not by cautionary or exhortatory literature, but by the truth as I found it in literature. I recognize the world in a different way because of it, and I continue to be influenced in that way by it. Opened up, made more alert, and called to a […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Write In Your Books

image – my copy of Lolita, marked up   There was a time when I would have said it was criminal to make any marks in a book. I look after my books. To treat books with care is natural for me. I don’t ever remember thinking, I must be more careful with my books. […]

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Commonplace Book: Electronic or Hand-Written

My DoctorWho Moleskine by Dolly Garland   Once I made up my mind to keep a commonplace book, the next big decision was whether to keep an electronic commonplace book or a hand-written one. Let’s look at both: In my research I found that many people today do use various electronic mediums. Those who don’t […]

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