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Ask the Readers: Do You Re-Read Books?

  One of the problems loving books is that there is just never enough time to read everything you want. It’s even worse when you also like to re-read books, as I do.  But even for all the new books out there that I want to devour, I wouldn’t give up re-reading.  Re-reading serves different […]

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Ask the Readers: Which Writers Intrigue You?

  image by Dolly Garland   Sometimes, I get curious about certain writers through unusual means. It could be because of reading one of their books, as in the case of F. Scott Fitzgerald, but at other times it’s because of what I learn about them or about their work in other sources. For example, […]

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Ask the Readers: How Do You Decide Which Books to Read?

image by practicalowl So many books to read….so little time! That’s a perpetual problem for even the most devoted of readers. If you are like me, your buying speed far exceeds your reading speed, and so even in my house, I have hundreds of books I have not yet read. Yet, each trip to the book […]

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Ask the Readers: How Thoughts Transmute into Art?

image by jinterwas   If art is based on thought, what is the transmuting process? – Virginia Woolf, A Writer’s Diary P. 94 Woolf, a skilled writer and a deep thinker, posed the right question. I paused when I read it, and made a note of it to ponder it at leisure. I would like […]

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Ask the Readers: What is Your Favourite Childhood Book?

Childhood favourites are important. The surprise when you discover a story that hits all the right spot, the new experience, the sheer joy of it is exhilarating. It’s a powerful experience to be transported somewhere different, and to discover  that words, mere words in black and white, can have this much impact.  My special childhood […]

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Ask the Readers: What Do You Read?

  image by mladjenovic_n   Today, I would like to know about your reading preferences. I don’t mean just about what genres do you like to read, but what type of things? Novels, essays, short-stories, poetry, articles?  Do you mostly read blogs and website, or do you read newspapers and magazines?  Do you read plays, […]

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Ask the Readers: Why Do You Read?

image by Liz Grace People read for different reasons. Some read for entertainment, others to escape, some for knowledge, some for comfort, and a hoard of other reasons.  I for example read for all of the above and also because I can’t not read. If I go a week without reading (almost never happens), I […]

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