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When did Kindle Become Essential?

image by DollyGarland   I have often talked about how I prefer paper books over e-books. I still hold to that. I love paper books. I love their individuality, their aesthetics, their use as home ornaments, and most importantly being able to flip the pages and make notations within the physical books. And yet, I […]

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Does the Kindle Spell the End For Books In Print?

    I can touch my favourite books with eyes closed, and recognize them. I know the texture of their covers. The size and feel of them. I look at hundreds of books scattered around my house, and I have no need for ornamental decorations. But, when I decided to volunteer in Ecuador for three […]

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The Paperbook Deprivation Syndrome (PDS)

I’m in Ecuador, and my beloved books are in cardboard boxes, taped and sealed, in a cold and dark storage unit in England. I came here with only a kindle – and a few hundred books. I do have access to paper books, since I am volunteering at a library, but most of the books […]

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