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5 Reasons Why You Should Write In Your Books

image – my copy of Lolita, marked up   There was a time when I would have said it was criminal to make any marks in a book. I look after my books. To treat books with care is natural for me. I don’t ever remember thinking, I must be more careful with my books. […]

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My Commonplace Book and Why Everyone Should Keep One

 image by brbl   Make your own Bible. Select and Collect all those words and sentences that in all your reading have been to you like the blast of trumpet out of Shakespeare, Seneca, Moses, John and Paul. – Emerson Journals July 1836   In the last article, I talked about the commonplace book, what it is and where […]

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A Commonplace Book

image by bluefootedbooby   I hadn’t given much thought to the commonplace book until recently. I’d heard the term in passing before, usually in books, but never really stopped to consider it. However, earlier this month I was talking to a professor at my former college, who upon learning about my journaling pursuits mentioned that […]

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How To Keep A Reading Journal

Previously, I wrote an article, 9 Reasons to Keep A Reading Journal. This is a follow-up to that post.  In this post, we will look at specifics of how you go about doing it.  First, let’s start with a caveat: this is not the only way to keep a reading journal. As I repeatedly mention […]

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9 Reasons to Keep A Reading Journal

image by mgrap   This is a two part article. In this, first part, we are going to talk about why you should keep a reading journal, and in part 2, we will talk about how to keep a reading journal. With part 2, you will also be able to download a FREE guide that will […]

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