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Book Review: Lexicon by Max Barry

  NO SPOILERS! I haven’t reviewed books on Kaizen Reading before, but I just finished reading Lexicon by Max Barry. It’s the kind of book that reviewing on Amazon alone isn’t enough. I want to tell everyone about it. I want to tell people to go and immediately buy this book, and start reading. Therefore, […]

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The Best Kind of Books

¬†image by 0olong   Reading, to those who see books as living, breathing things, is not an optional activity. It is not a hobby, nor something one does only to kill time. It is not a weekend-only, or vacation-only task. It is as essential as breathing, to be done as much as possible, in whatever […]

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Books Read – 2013

image credit: DollyGarland 2013 has been a pretty good year in terms of reading, though not as good as I wanted. I wanted to finish at least 100 books, and it could have been achieved if not for my month long vacation (super hectic, not rolling around on a beach). But never mind. One can’t […]

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Books Read – 2012

  So Many Books, So Little ¬†Time – Sara Nelson (14/01/2012) Art of Forgetting – Joanna Hall (21/01/2012) Dead Reckoning – Charlaine Harris (26/01/2012) 1984 – George Orwell (02/02/2012) 279 Days to Overnight Success – Chris Guillebeau (09/02/2012) The World Domination Manifesto – Chris Guillebeau (11/02/2012) 18 Months, 2 Blogs, Six Figures – Corbett Barr […]

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Books Read – 2011

  Arctic Drift – Clive Cussler & Dirk Cussler (05/01/2011) Seventh Heaven – Meg Cabot (06/01/2011) After Eight – Meg Cabot (07/01/2011) Journal 1 – Dolly Garland (08/01/2011) The Laurentine Spy – Emily Gee (09/01/2011) The Devil and Miss Prym – Paulo Coelho (11/01/2011) Club Dead – Charlaine Harris (14/01/2011) Knight of Shadows – Roger […]

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Books Read – 2010

      The Dancers at the End of Time – Michael Moorcock (08/01/2010) Life in Harem – K. Erhan Bozkurt (09/01/2010) The Hand of Oberon – Roger Zelazny (12/01/2010) Writing the Breakout Novel* – Donald Maass (13/01/2010) The Court of Chaos – Roger Zelazny (14/01/2010) The Diary of a Young Girl – Anne Frank […]

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Books Read – 2009

image credit (c) Dolly Garland I started keeping track of books I read in July 2009. Difficult Daughters – Manju Kapur (27/07/2009) The Reader – Bernhard Schlink (29/07/2009) The Time Machine – H. G. Wells (31/07/2009) Plot & Structure – James Scott Bell (01/08/2009) Invisible Man – H. G. Wells (04/08/2009) Tau Zero – Poul […]

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