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The first year of Kaizen Reading has flown by. Last year, when I started this blog, I was volunteering in Ecuador. Right now, I am in the US visiting my family. During this year, Kaizen Reading has been steadily growing presence in my life. 

I am constantly reading, but not all those books are part of the Kaizen Reading Challenge. As a result, I am actually quite far behind the KRC. So far, I have finished reading  13 of the 225 books, but have only written 10 essays. So one thing to rectify is to focus my reading more on the Kaizen Reading Challenge list for 2014. At least for the next few months.

Writing for this blog is continuously giving me awareness of a focused approach on literature. Reading books for pleasure is good, but I want to do more with them. I have always found books to be much more. I have found them to offer not only knowledge but also hope. I have found books to be teacher of not merely facts and events, but of emotions, of human nature. Some of this could be learned from reading books, but so much more could be learned from digesting those books and this website is a way to digest them.

Writing about reading, writing about books, helps me to gain this knowledge for myself, and it enables me to share it with you guys. Becoming a Kaizen Reader is a continuous process. It’s about becoming not just a better reader, or a better writer, but a better person. I hope to continue doing this work, and keep progressing on Kaizen Reading Challenge at least for the next 4 years to come which is my self-imposed deadline to complete it.

I hope you, the readers, continue to make your contributions. Thank  you for being here.

Happy Reading!

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