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The Man of Feeling – A Novel of Sensibilities

    The Man of Feeling, a sentimental novel by Henry Mackenzie was published in 1771 at the pinnacle of sentimental literature. The importance of sensibilities in a polite society was catching momentum and Mackenzie’s hero Harley was the quintessential sentimental hero. It is difficult to look at Harley through 21st century mindset and admire […]

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Utopia – Fantasy or Ambition?

image by captain_die   Many people, even many great people have dreamt of utopia throughout ages. Dreams are a funny thing – make them achievable and they can become ambitions, but make them unrealistic and they can be fantasies. Each has its place, and neither is wrong. But the question I ask is if utopia […]

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Tennyson’s Protagonists: Yearning for What Isn’t

image by digitalsextan   As I read through Selected Poems of Lord Alfred Tennyson [1] two settings that stood out were Ancient Greece, and Camelot. Across these poems, there are multiple themes, but the one that stood out for me was yearning. Protagonists yearning for “…the days that are no more” (Pg. 46), yearning to […]

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